The new capital

Aymz is a digital platform for corporate loans from € 5 to € 30 million. We connect medium-sized companies to reputable institutional lenders: a new source of capital

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Screenshot of the app
Screenshot of the app

Manage your loan via your personal portal

Compare proposals and choose

Unique access to lending opportunities

Loans from reputable lenders. Unique, efficient, digital.

Borrowers benefits
  • Better loan terms

    Aymz offers loans from € 5 to € 30 million. We ask institutional investors and ABN AMRO to make proposals. This approach increases your chance of obtaining the loan terms you are looking for.

  • It’s simple

    Borrowing from institutional investors can be complicated. We make it easy at the outset and throughout the loan life.

  • Reputable lenders

    We work with large, reliable and regulated lenders alongside ABN AMRO. They are insurance companies and pension funds, who understand the importance of treating customers fairly.

Investors benefits
  • Unique access

    Aymz gives you access to borrowers which you would otherwise not come across. Our wide range of borrowers gives you a regular flow of lending opportunities.

  • Efficient

    Through our lender portal you can access all the information required to efficiently make lending decisions, execute documentation and monitor your loans.

  • Full control

    You have full control over which loans to underwrite at which terms.

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