How it works

Does Aymz fit your investment criteria?

  • You are a large institutional investor seeking attractive debt investments
  • You are looking for debt investments of € 5 - € 30 million
  • You would like to co-lend alongside ABN AMRO

Great! These are the next steps

  1. Contact Aymz to discuss your investment parameters
  2. If there is a fit, Aymz will ask you to sign the terms and conditions
  3. We will create an account for you

Aymz will publish all lending opportunities on your dashboard

When a lending opportunity arises, we will invite you and other lenders to evaluate and decide whether you are interested. ABN AMRO will always participate in the loan.

Access detailed information via Aymz

Once you confirm your interest, we will provide you access to a detailed information package. This will enable you to efficiently assess the lending opportunity. You can then submit your loan proposal via the Aymz platform.

The borrower will select a preferred loan proposal

Aymz will turn the loan proposal agreed by lenders and borrower into loan documentation. When all negotiations are complete and loan documentation is signed, the Aymz platform will enable the borrower to fullfil the conditions precedent and arrange drawdown.

We will be there until the loan is fully repaid

After drawdown, the Aymz platform helps you manage the loan. You will be able to securely access all information provided by Aymz and the borrower.